Garden Sheds Plan
Garden Shed Plans - How You Can Avoid Choosing the Wrong Garden Shed Design

Its okay to admit that you have no clue as to what you are doing. After all admitting not knowing will only get you a better shed in the long run.

If you pretend to know what you are doing and move forward with no plan not only will you be wasting time and money but you will also end up with a very inferior product that makes your back yard look ugly.

You want to understand how to space a joist, measure a rafter, construct a rough opening and so forth. before you can actually understand how to do all that you need to understand what they are.

So you need to find plans that will teach you step by step. These plans need to have pictures and need to explain what each step is accomplishing.

Of course you could hire someone. Most good carpenters just need a brief explanation of what you want and in a day or two you will have a master piece sitting in your back yard.

However there are a couple problems with hiring someone.

First of all good carpenters don’t come cheap so you better be willing to open your wallet and give out a pile of cash.

The second issue with having some one else build it is you get no sense of satisfaction. oh sure it looks great in your back yard but the exact same shed built by you in your eyes will look much better.

So lets just forget the thought of hiring someone. Lets say you do have detailed plans.

You go out and get the lumber, materials and tools you need. You follow the plans step by step and you end up with a wonderful shed.

That’s all good in theory but the problem still lies in finding the right plans with many choices for you to pick out of.

Just be confident in yourself and all things with your shed will work out. If you can understand simplicity then you will find a garden sheds plan that you will be able to use.

2. What Will Your Shed Be Used For? By determining how your shed will be used is what will then determine how large or small it should be. If you are just storing gardening equipment in yours, then one that provides ample storage space as well as enough room to allow you to get the equipment in and out easily should be sufficient. Generally, a shed that measures 6ft x 8ft should be more than sufficient for storing gardening tools in. However, if you are intending to keep very large pieces of garden equipment in yours then a large shed with double doors would be your best option.

3. What Should The Foundation Of The Shed Being Made From? For those where the budget is tight, making a base to set your shed on can be made from timber framework which should be more than adequate. However, if the budget can stretch to it, you should go for a concrete foundation. This will not only create a base that is even, but will also help stop moisture in the ground from seeping up into your shed.

4. How Much Have You To Spend? As we mentioned above, how much you have in your budget for building a shed is going to determine the kinds of garden shed plans you will want to consider to use. Wooden shed plans, Shed Designs